From the Editor

Issue 8 – Delay

The latest edition of The Chronicle will be delayed until tomorrow due to unforeseen circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding.

Catherine Raine

Editor and Chief

Events, Town Business

Memorial Day Weekend Festival

– Car Show –

Car Show all three days, 50L entry fee per car,
To enter:
1 entry per car. So for two cars, 2 forms.

Once you have filled out the entry form send Rei Silvercloud (Craddick Resident) the 50L entry. Please be sure to drop a NC or message to let me know what the payment is for.I will confirm payment once received.

How to vote: All members of the Township group will be able to vote once. Voting will go all weekend. Winner will be selected on Sunday @ 5pm SLT.

Prize: Will depend on how many entries. The entry fees will be split 50/50. 50% to the winner and 50% back to CC to bring you more wonderful Events.


Gatcha Sale!

Do you have lots of items in your inventory you have no idea what to do with them from those addicting Gotcha machines?
well here is a chance to make some L off those.

How to – Set your items out. Right click and go into edit. on the General tab set the price you wish to sell the item for then Apply. Now its ready for someone to buy it!!!
SPECIAL PRICE – 100L for 100 prims!
thats right.
To enter:

Once you have filled out the entry form for your table please contact Rei Silvercloud (Craddick Resident) to make payment. Please send L to me and be sure I have confirmed the payment was received.


We have a live performer for this weekend as well. Times will come closer to the weekend.

Any questions or ideas please contact Rei Silvercloud (Craddick Resident)

The Cedar Creek Chronicle

May 22, Issue 7

I must start by apologizing for the lateness of the newspaper. I was waiting on articles, pictures, and confirmation of events that had taken place this past week and while I held off as long as I could, it delayed the newspaper far longer than I had intended. As a result though, I came to realize that regardless the show must go on, even if it means a smaller issue than planned.

We had some interesting rumors take life this week, ones that I could not confirm. I am rather interested in the tiger that roamed around the community and who owned the majestic creature. How did it come to be in Cedar Creek and did the owners have permits to keep such an animal in their home. Again I cannot confirm these whispers are true as I could not find the creature roaming about myself.

I spent a great deal of time roaming Riverwalk Way and the downtown core. Many changes have occurred with some shops no longer in business. It is important that we support our local community and the merchants that set roots. Many places are hiring employees as well. If you are looking for employment (rp) consider one of our communities establishments.

As always, if you have something wish to share through the paper – whether it is a story, a joke, advice, a picture, or some other form of writing and art – submit it to the paper. The Chronicle is looking for all kinds of writers and photographers.

Enjoy your week and remember the Memorial Weekend events will be here before we know it!

Catherine Raine

Editor and Chief

The Cedar Creek Chronicle – No main issue this week.

Feature Story of the Week – No feature this week as the story could not be confirmed.


Cedar Creek Real Estate – Looking to hire one new Sales Agent. If you are interested in applying for the position, please complete the application.

Cedar Creek Pre School – Looking to hire 2 preschool teachers, 3 or more K-12 teachers, a Principal for a K-12 school as well as assistants. If interested please message Cadie McCallen (cadance.mccallen) with a copy of your resume and fill out the application

Cedar Creek K-12 School – We are also looking to hire a Superintendent and staff. If you are interested please fill out the application

City Municipal Building – Looking for a qualified Judges, Asst. District Attorney, a Public Defender and a Bailiff. Interested? Please fill out the application

Cedar Creek Memorial – Looking for dependable and experienced staff members of all kind. Please message Lea Swordthain with any resumes and details of the position(s) that you are interested in or fill out the application

Cedar Creek Fire Department – Looking for dependable and active Fire and EMS personnel. If interested please fill out the application

Cedar Creek Police Department – Looking for dependable and active Officers and Detectives personnel. If interested please fill out the application

Yoga Studio – Looking for Management and Instructor. Running/Managing the Yoga Studio would require 100L$ payment per week and give an allotted 25 prims for your personal touches.

Paintball – Looking for Clerk and Management. Managing of the Paintball build would require 100L$ payment per week and give an allotted 25 prims for your personal touches.

Sapphire’s Steakhouse – Looking for Bartenders and Wait Staff. Please contact Gabbi Sapphire (gabbisapphire) if interested in one of these positions.

Cedar Creek Smoke Shop – Looking for a Clerk and Manager. Please message the Rei Silvercloud (craddick).

Callahan’s Pub – Hiring Staff…Message LemonPledge if interested in a position at the Pub.

Sprinkles – Hiring in shop employees & cart/bicycle drivers. Must be at least 16 years old (30 days). Pay – Tips (jar provided – 100% to employee). Contact Alice Mavinelli for more information

The Cedar Creek Chronicle – Interested in being a reporter or be behind the camera? Want to get and write those juicy stories? Take those rare and story telling images? If so, The Cedar Creek Chronicle wants you!! Write up a note card type resume and send it over to our new Editor and Chief, Catherine Raine (catherine inaka).

Featured Business of the Week

670 Virginia, Array!!
Sprinkles is your one stop shop for sweet treats! With a variety of ice creams and candies, your sweet tooth will be satisfied. Stop on by today.
Hiring in shop employees; cart/bicycle drivers
Must be at least 16 years old (30 days)
Pay – Tips (jar provided – 100% to employee)
Contact Alice Mavinelli for more information


As Seen Around Cedar Creek – no images were submitted this week

The Cedar Creek Chronicle

May 13, Issue 6

Welcome to another edition of the Chronicle!

This week, we saw the community come together to participate in several events from bowling, dancing, to the community fun day in the park. It was wonderful to see everyone coming out to support our events and meet new people from the community.

Slowly the Chronicle is rebuilding its staff, we are still in need of writers and photographers though. As well, we take article submissions from citizens every day. If you have a joke to share, picture of an event, or a story to tell, be sure to pass this on to the Chronicle for publication. What to head a column of some sort (advice, cooking, or another idea), do not hesitate to contact Chronicle with your ideas.

I hope you enjoy this weeks paper and remember to support our local community.

Catherine Raine

Editor and Chief

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The Cedar Creek Chronicle

May 7, Issue 5


Whether you came to read the paper as a citizen of our fine community or a visitor who happened to find an issue blowing in the wind, allow me be the first to welcome you to a new edition of the Cedar Creek Chronicle. Over the past week, there have been some changes not only within the community but within the office of the Chronicle. We saw many new businesses open their doors and prepare for customers, we saw stores close, individuals chose new directions to take, new citizens moved into the community, and we saw our very first community yard sale take place.

I would like to take this time to welcome all new citizens and shop owners to our community; together we will make Cedar Creek the place to be.

While there is no issue of the paper this week as we proceed ahead with new changes in staffing, I do invite you to view our Classifieds, Employment, Featured Business of the Week, and As Seen Around Cedar Creek Sections of the paper. I also encourage you to visit our local shops, tour the city, and if you see something that is newsworthy snap a few pictures and write a few words, nothing will be turned away.

For now I leave you and I look forward to what happens in Cedar Creek this week.

Catherine Raine

Editor and Chief

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