The Cedar Creek Chronicle

June 25th Issue

Note from Editor

Leava Malone (martianjew resident)
Editor in Chief of The Cedar Creek Chronicle

This week’s issue will be a little light due to the recent change of Editor in Chief. Future issues will have more stories and other information. Let’s start by welcoming all of the new citizens of Cedar Creek. We hope you enjoy your stay and we look forward to getting to know you all.



This weekend is a special one for Cedar Creek! The mayoral debates have led to this point and now it is time for the citizens of Cedar Creek to make their final decision on who they would like to see as the new Mayor of Cedar Creek. Will it be the current Mayor, Xavier Aeon? Or will it be the contender, Gattz Gilman? You make the decision! You have until 10 pm SLT Sunday night to cast your vote. You will have had to register in order to vote. If you need to register please complete the voter registration at:

Local News

In other news, there was a fire reported, Saturday, June 24th, by Feild Reporter Jenna Odisark. It is reported that the fire broke out at approximately 9:45 am at the Paintball Facility located at 450 Boston St. Thade Knelstrom of the Cedar Creek Fire Department and Officer Keon Orvar of the Cedar Creek Police Department responded to the call. The fire spread to the surrounding buildings but no one was reported to be injured. The report states that the buildings were empty at the time of the fire. As of right now, the cause of the fire is unknown. The CCFD and CCPD will be investigating further to determine the cause and more information will be reported at that time.

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