Town Business

Mayoral Debate

Our first Mayor debate will be this Friday at 11am!!

Keep an eye out on dates for more.  We will be having evening ones as well so be on the look out for those!

Get all your questions NC and sent to Rei Silvercloud (craddick).

Debate will take place at Town Hall.

Town Business

Voter Registration!

Mayoral elections are right around the corner…which means it’s time to register to vote.

Attached is Cedar Creeks very own Voter Registration Form.

Please complete and submit to register.

If you have any questions, please contact Gabbi!

Town Business

Mayoral Candidates

Ladies and Gentlemen of Cedar Creek, we are proud to announce that your Candidates for Mayor are:

Xavier Aeon (ninja.aldrin)
Gattz Gilman

Get those questions ready, we will be sending out a schedule of debate information and rallies will be announced as they are determined as well!!

Good luck to both Candidates!!

(Below is the Voter Registration link)

Events, Town Business

Memorial Day Weekend Festival

– Car Show –

Car Show all three days, 50L entry fee per car,
To enter:
1 entry per car. So for two cars, 2 forms.

Once you have filled out the entry form send Rei Silvercloud (Craddick Resident) the 50L entry. Please be sure to drop a NC or message to let me know what the payment is for.I will confirm payment once received.

How to vote: All members of the Township group will be able to vote once. Voting will go all weekend. Winner will be selected on Sunday @ 5pm SLT.

Prize: Will depend on how many entries. The entry fees will be split 50/50. 50% to the winner and 50% back to CC to bring you more wonderful Events.


Gatcha Sale!

Do you have lots of items in your inventory you have no idea what to do with them from those addicting Gotcha machines?
well here is a chance to make some L off those.

How to – Set your items out. Right click and go into edit. on the General tab set the price you wish to sell the item for then Apply. Now its ready for someone to buy it!!!
SPECIAL PRICE – 100L for 100 prims!
thats right.
To enter:

Once you have filled out the entry form for your table please contact Rei Silvercloud (Craddick Resident) to make payment. Please send L to me and be sure I have confirmed the payment was received.


We have a live performer for this weekend as well. Times will come closer to the weekend.

Any questions or ideas please contact Rei Silvercloud (Craddick Resident)